Double the Fun includes 2 weekends both free for any vendor selling at the June 2019 183FLEA MARKET. The 2019 183FLEA Market is the best deal around! 100% free – an unbeatable offer! Where else do you get free rent during the Nebraska Junk Jaunt!

 Everyone selling anything under the sun now get two FREE WEEKENDS

Vendors, Dealers, Crafters, Home-Based Businesses, Artists, Jelly- Makers,  Y’all come sell All ya stuff at 183Flea!  183 Flea Market has 2 events, June 13, 14 & 15 and Sept. 27, 28 and 29.  The September 183FLEA MARKET happens along with the established Nebraska Junk Jaunt®. We purchased an advertising agreement for 183Flea Market during the Junk Jaunt. 183Flea (EARTHJUNK) has a full page ad scheduled for the 2019 Junk Jaunt book. The full page ad covers all vendors selling at 183FLEA. Nonetheless, we encourage individual 183 Flea Market Vendors to purchase an ad in with the Nebraska Junk Jaunt so customers know where to find you and what you are selling. The Junk Jaunt motto, is “You are only limited by your imagination and the law!”

The 183FLEA MARKET’S motto –  “Come Be at 183Flea – It’s Free!”

The Junk Jaunt is only free for those who sell in the first 183Flea Market June 13, 14 and 15. Why? We own multiple locations that we work during the Junk Jaunt. We need vendors that know the 183Flea Market routine, procedures and return to their exact same spot, unpack and start selling.