John and Cindee Haddix of Earthjunk have completed two historical renovations, Carriage House and Abbott Antiques.

John and Cindee attempt to authentically restore their buildings so shoppers can enjoy seeing a previous era presented correctly. Earthjunk’s Carriage renovation is complete except for minor decorating tweeks. Customers drive from Canada & California  to shop in our 10,000 sq. ft. version of a 1970’s Ethan Allen store. Second, a ground up renovation inside the historic Abbott building at 413 W. Main Street is 90% done. Some customers drive to see just to see our massive oak store fixtures in the LC Abbott Antique Emporium. The inside of Abbott looks like it was frozen in time, 1908 to be exact. Now that Abbott is completed, we missed the old fashioned 5 & 10 from our childhood  so much we are embarking upon another “no holds” barred renovation.  John and Cindee are now working their third major no holds barred renovation at 303 W. Main ST. Coloradans will want to see the former Fair Five and Ten recreated in Sargent. The 5 & Ten features mid century modern birch & glass dime store fixtures from Golden, Colorado. Come see why the rest of the USA drives 1000 miles to shop Earthjunk. Earthjunk does not want you to arrive when we are out of town, so please make an appointment!