Abbott started out open Every Saturday for the 2019 Summer. 6-13-2019 circumstances altered our schedule.
Abbott Antiques and all other stores owned by John and Cindee Haddix open on the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Saturdays during the Summer Season.
The Haddix stores are closed Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday and the third Saturdays of each month year round.

Abbott Antiques, Gone Rockers, Smores, Ruff & Ready, EARTHJUNK and MDEARS do not open on any Third Saturday.
The Haddix locations close 15 days out of each year.
John and Cindee Haddix gladly open anytime on the other 350 days of the year. They encourage customers to call ahead.

Sargent has a wide variety of other shopping opportunities available on the Saturday when the Haddix stores are closed.

* EXCEPTION * Motor freight pick up by Uship and all other truckers servicing Earthjunk continues on the old schedule. Motor freight pickup at Earthjunk remains available 365 days a year 6AM to 10PM. Motor freight pickup is not shopping merely truckers picking up paid for items.