Like Grumpella de SargentVille, a close relative of Disney’s, Cruella De Ville, you might be curious about the naming of Sargent Antiques.

Sargent Antiques is nothing but a nickname.

Over the years we attended many estate sales and auctions all over the state of Nebraska. Cindee Haddix always told all the other dealers about the Antique Capital project underway in Sargent, Nebraska. Furthermore, the Dodge 2500 truck had the zip code of 68874 on the license plate. However, we did not attend the sales weekly so the majority of the dealers did not remember our first names.  When we returned to the larger Nebraska cities we were greeted with, “Hey, Sargent Antiques!” After one trip back from Lincoln, John Haddix decided to see if Sargent was available to own. By then Abbott Antiques had grown to more than one Antique Store so the nickname seemed a good fit.

Sargent Antiques includes Abbott Antiques, Gone Rockers, eBraska, Mdears, Ruff & Ready, Smores, plus the high end internet based Earthjunk store. The official owner is Earthjunk. Earthjunk funds all the .coms, advertising & marketing efforts for all the antique dealers in Sargent Nebraska plus the free 183 FLEA Market. In 2018 The Sargent Chamber of Commerce generously gave us 300 dollars to assist with the astronomical cost and labor intensive launch of183Flea. Otherwise, all efforts are self-funded and paid by Earthjunk.

The blue shopping carts on the front landing page of the NebraskANTIQUES website designate the stores owned by John and Cindee Haddix. All our stores have same availability to open. John and Cindee are available to open 365 days a year 5AM to Midnight. The furniture pickup time frame has been in place for a decade. Several years ago,  we expanded our availability to  all our customers.

Life is busy! We gladly open whenever you call 402-350-6740.

The greatest gift our customers give us is the phone call to open. John and Cindee are worker do-bees buzzing around accomplishing goals, projects plus earning an income thru Earthjunk. We are not yet old enough to be content sitting in the antiques stores reading books. Our golden years are fast approaching. For now, while we are still able to be physically active, we must get all needed renovations done. Our customers that call give us the gift of time and the ability to continue working.  We appreciate all the customers that call.  Our cell phone numbers are 303-907-0793 or 402-350-6740.

Thank you to all the regular Abbott Antiques/Burwell Butter Factory customers that have supported our revitalization efforts over the years by giving us a quick jingle on their telephone!

Summer hours for Sargent Antiques start May 1 and continue until Nov. 1.  Summer hours include being open every Saturday! Sargent Antiques will have Thursday and Friday hours during the 2019 Summer Antique Season.