Yesterday Earthjunk was visited by a lovely couple from Oklahoma. The Workmans drove to Sargent, Nebraska to pick up a set of 8 Ethan Allen chairs. One might think that’s a long way to drive for 8 chairs, but this set was part of a sought after extremely limited production collection called Old World Treasures. Old World Treasures features an European look with hours and hours of hand finishing – distressing to make each chair unique. The cost to make each piece of Old World Treasures was the primary reason for the short production. Customers loved this collection but it was not profitable and discontinued. Earthjunk offers the customer furniture that is built to last forever and increases in value over time. It was a pleasure to meet the Workmans, discuss fine furniture and our religious beliefs. Earthjunk customers are absolutely the best! We appreciate all our out of state customers that make our dreams for Sargent a reality!